How do I cancel my credit card free months?

Credit cards are often offered free of charge for months. Usually two free months are offered per year. In general, free months may not be consecutive months.

A free month means that you will not be billed at all during that month, meaning that you will be released from your credit card minimum payment for that month. However, there will be normal charges and interest for that month, which will be billed on the following month’s invoice.

Is it worth taking free months at all?

Is it worth taking free months at all?

When applying for a credit card, you will be asked which months you want to choose as free months. Free months can be any month, as long as they are not consecutive.

Remember, however, that you do not need to take two or even one free month. They are just an opportunity offered by the banks, not a must. There are both pros and cons to being free. Free months are part of the flexibility of credit card management in the household: If you have a tighter this month, you can postpone your payment to the next month. The best thing about credit cards is the flexibility they offer, such as the increased payout time.

On the other hand, you should not go crazy about your free months, since they are only exempted from the minimum monthly reduction, not all payments. Interest will accrue on the amount on the credit, and the following invoice will also be charged for the account maintenance fee.

How do I cancel my credit card free month?

How do I cancel my credit card free month?

If you’ve chosen a free month and now feel like you don’t want it, you can always cancel your free months manually. You can also change months using the same method. This is usually done through your bank’s online bank, but you can also contact your bank to ask them exactly how to proceed.

Please note that some banks may charge you to cancel or change your free months. The price may also vary depending on whether you are making the change yourself through online banking or through expert help, such as on the phone or at the office.

Good Lender bank

Good Lender bank

With Good Lender Bank you can change and also completely cancel your free months. If you make changes through Netbank, the service fee is $ 5. The cost of the change through customer service is 10 euros.

You do not initially have to choose between two free months.

Good Finance

Good Finance

With Good Finance you can change or cancel your free months on your credit card. Changes and cancellations are completely free of charge. When you receive your card, you can opt for two free months per calendar year, but this is optional.



Even Goodbank is not required to opt for free months initially, but if you have chosen them and come to the street, you can change and cancel them. This costs € 5.

What kind of credit card do you have?

A credit card is a handy payment method that is used around the world. It provides flexibility for the economy and often provides security and protection for you and the goods you buy. Here, for example, will take care of travel – and product protection insurance.

However, credit cards (like shoes, for example!) Get the most out of them when they are right for you. You can compare and find the best credit card for you in our free credit card comparison:


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